Saturday, August 6, 2011

The worst, the horrible and the tasteless: My top 7 worst logo designs

What were they thinking?

To better appreciate the best logo designs posted here earlier, I'm sharing with you my Top 7 Worst logo designs. Keep in mind though that while my intention here is not to ridicule the designers or companies or organizations that own the logos below, I am showing this to the world as a reminder of things to do avoid when making a logo.

The worst, the horrible and the tasteless: The Worst logo designs

Dick Clark Entertainment. Okay, yes, the company is very successful. The management is obviously have the ability to operate the business, but whatever foresight they have in the future of entertainment, they certainly lack that when it comes to design. Let me make a guess. Are the owners all men? Perhaps they thought it was a joke to make the logo be a visual pun of Dick (Clark). But how could you expect reputable business people to respect you when every time they see your company logo, all they remember is a wiener.

Same reason as above.

Anthony Byrne. This again. Seriously, what's up with this? Why is this a favorite? Is the designer or owner subconsciously so insecure of themselves or does this logo succinctly summarizes the owner's potential? Or is the owner a victim of bad design and bad advice?

Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission. The logo displays good use of negative space but bad choice of an image. When I first saw this logo, what first came to my mind was the growing child abuse complaints against some of the member of its ranks. Could you say then that the designer had a foresight? Hmm.

Here's another example of using negative image in a bad way. Or maybe the client pissed off the designer that he or she used the logo as a vendetta.

Locum Property Management. Supposedly read as "Locum", this logo represents a Sweden-based property management firm. Go here to view the original material for this logo.

A-Style is a clothing and lifestyle brand that operates in Europe, China and Japan. Believe it or not, the company is still using this logo! I wonder if the managers have seen blogs and design sites that have elevated A-Style's logo to the Worst Logo Design Ever Hall of Fame. See this badly designed logo in action at A-Style's website.

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