Friday, August 5, 2011

Design collection: The best and most creative typographic logos

What's in a logo?

A good logo summarizes all the brand qualities in a nutshell. It is meant to say a lot but in a minimal way because, in the world of design, less is always more.

Logo design styles and types vary too. Some designs revolve around the type or the word, while others focus on creating an iconic symbol for the brand. It all depends on the client's requirements, really. But in my book, typographic logos are superior over the other types. And making them are more nerve wrecking that you can imagine! That is why you should never take seriously a designer who claims that he or she can produce a logo for company logo in 24 hours. Either you will be broken with what you will see, or you simply have no taste in design (ouch!).

Awesome typographic logo designs for your inspiration

Let me share with you a collection of the best typographic design. These designs weren't made by me, but they look simply glorious that they deserve every possible space of the design-related blogosphere. The artists whose minds gave birth to these logos rightfully merit a slot in the Eternal Fame of Design:

FOOT logo: It was at second glance that I started to love this design.

XMAS: Great use of negative space.
WrongRight: How can a logo be so simple and yet be so brilliant?

Half: A perfect example of how a logo design reflects the holistic message or essence of the brand.

Half: Another brilliant example of the company's message illustrated in the logo design.

For more brilliantly designed logos, check out this collection.


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