Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Latest design news: Adobe releases Muse for codeless web design, free download!

Adobe recently release its newest product, Muse. According to its website, Muse lets you create web design by forgoing the code and focusing on the design, just as you layout print. In short, you don't have to worry about the technicalities of code because Muse lets you create sites simply by design.

While this sounds like a rad program, a review by Imprint pointed out some highs and lows of the program.

The great things about Adobe Muse: 
1. Lets designers easily transition from print to web design
2. Familiarity: Adobe uses similar interface as Adobe InDesign, which is used to create layouts for book and similar projects.

What needs to be improved in Adobe Muse:
1. Fonts appear slightly different in Adobe Muse.  See photos below from Imprint for comparison:

From Imprint: "incorrectly specs typefaces like Futura, Century Gothic and AppleGothic in its paragraphs without an embedding service like TypeKit, and in incorrect syntax. It's output incorrectly straight from Muse. It should actually look more like this:"

While this is from Imprint, I suggest you head over to Adobe Muse's website and see for yourself how this new program could be useful for you. You can view the features of Adobe Muse here and create trial sites to check if your next design for a client would lead to your debut on Adobe Muse.

Download Adobe Muse for free: Though still in Beta mode, you get get a FREE COPY of ADOBE MUSE by downloading it here now. Adobe is giving away Muse for free until its version 1.0 release in 2012, during which it will be sold for US$180 for a one year plan or US$20 per month. So grab a free copy today!

Source:  Today's Obsession: A First Look at Adobe Muse — Imprint-The Online Community for Graphic Designers

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