Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free wallpaper: Never Sell Yourself Short by Baneneng- Download now

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To all independent artists, striving entrepreneurs, and professionals of all sorts, let me share with you a wallpaper I made.

As artists eager to make a living, some times we find ourselves in a situation where we unfortunately short sell ourselves just to land a project.

For a startup entrepreneur or newbie feelancer, this might seem like a good idea but actually, selling yourself short will hurt your business more than you think. Not only will you work more for a small payment, but in the future, should that client become your repeat customer, he or she might ask more deliverables or freebies from you while ironically insisting on a discount too -- since you have a longstanding business relationship.

So heed my message, NEVER SELL YOURSELF SHORT.  A good artwork or design doesn't come at a dime a dozen. Believe that your worth has a value and show your client that this is true. Do your job well and give them the impression of genuine increase in their business by getting you as their artist, and they will be happy to pay your professional fee.

So here you go, folks. Your free, original wallpaper by Baneneng available for download! Enjoy! :)

Free wallpaper

Ideal for Graphic artists, freelancers and independent professionals
Size: 1028 x 768 px (request for other sizes by leaving a comment here)
Copyright: All rights reserved 2011 - Free to distribute for strictly non-commercial use only

"Never Sell Yourself Short" FREE WALLPAPER by BANENENG
All rights reserved 2011 - Free to distribute for strictly non-commercial use only

How to save the file:

  1. Right click on the photo below.
  2. Choose "Save Link As"
  3. Specify the folder destination of the file and Click Save/OK button.
  4. Go to the folder destination and set the photo as your desktop background! :)

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