Friday, September 9, 2011

Design collection: Best catering logo designs for ideas and inspiration

Have you seen my list of bad catering and food service design logos? If so, then read on to find out  my top choices for the well executed caterer and catering service logos.

Good catering logo designs and tips

Logo design tip: Use color and negative space for emphasis. Even a single or dual color logo design, with proper use of negative space, makes an interesting logo. Take this Food Creatives logo. Not only the utensil illustration but also the highlighted "EAT" in CREATIVES tell the looker at first glance what this company does. And it does so effectively. 

Baja Catering's logo also uses negative space smartly to add a visual element to its logo.

 Logo design tip: Use appropriate font to show and add character in your logo design.  Font use The handwritten font with its subtle or muted colors of gray and yellow green work well together. The stout letters exudes a relaxed and playful approach to catering.

Below is another logo that uses a script-style font. Look how it's easy to read the brand Ariawan and how fun and warm the logo looks. Brown, white and yellow are an excellent choice for a classy and timeless logo. You can read about the story behind the Ariawan logo here.

Logo design tip: Use non-traditional colors to set your brand apart. It's hip and young, it looks hot and it's different. Pink may not be a popular choice among in food service design, but it certainly makes Eat Ibiza stand out of the crowd. The color choice also tells the looker that the company uses a modern approach to its services. 

Logo design: When you're unsure, stick with safe color choices. While brown and pale flesh may not be the top color choices for food services, notice that with the gradient and font execution, Catering Services Unlimited's logo exudes elegance that clients seek. Serif font, as shown in the logo, work well with cursive initials to present an overall impressive logo design.

I hope you like my shortlist of catering logos! To better appreciate these logos, maybe you should check my shortlist of bad catering logo designs.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Design collection: Bad catering logo designs - what you should not do when making a catering logo

Due to the surge of catering logo searches on Baneneng's portfolio, I thought of doing our eager searchers and googlist a favor by bringing you my shortlist for the worst catering logo designs. (Don't worry, I'm coming up with the  top catering logo designs after this so watch out for it!)

Note that a good graphic design reflects the essence of the brand. Never mind if the name of the catering company is ordinary, the least a graphic designer, illustrator or art director can do is to transform the forgettable  brand name into an unforgettable logo by using and emphasizing the right elements.

Part 1: Bad catering logo designs

Try searching catering service online and if you share my aesthetics, the logos of the top search results fall short on creativity. Nothing stands out in the design elements used in the caterer's logo. AllSuburbs, Jay's Catering, Viviani's Catering and other companies must serve a heck of a feast, but for the sake of making a point, allow me to show their logos here:

YLS Catering Services (Singapore). The logo looks annoyingly too generic. The letters YLS, while in italics, are written in a too-common font that it simply doesn't stand out. It would have looked a bit better if the cursive font was used on YLS, and the sans serif font was used on "Catering Services". But if they did that, the logo would still look bad because these fonts do not possess character at all.

All Suburbs (USA). Looking at the drawing of the chef, could you tell that All Suburbs is a restaurant, catering service company or a bakery had the phrase "Catering Service" wasn't written on the logo? I didn't think so. Ideally, the logo should not look very generic or else the looker (or worse, a potential client) would be left guessing which service your company provides. And that is bad for business.

Alfonso Catering (USA). While it shows that thought and care went into developing a signature-style logo, I cannot ignore how the letter n looks like a u. The last thing a designer wants is to have people misread or mispronounce the brand name. This is why Alfonso Catering's logo falls under bad catering logo designs.

A1 Catering (Philippines). I'll keep this one short. Because of the font choice, the logo looks outdated and the drawing, confusing. Is that a toque trying to be a heart, or is it heart-shaped balloon which oddly reminds me of a fallopian tube (I don't know why, please don't ask). Here, white overpowers the green so the brand name is de-emphasized, and the odd drawing, highlighted. 

Mmmm Good Meals. Does this logo remind you of another brand? Notice that the font and the circle for each letter m is the same as the world-renowned M&M's brand. The design semblance too goes against the company's service -- a chocolate candy certainly isn't part of a health-conscious food service.

Please note that it is not my intention to offend the logo designers of or owners of the companies mentioned above. Kindly take this as a constructive criticism and professional advice so that you could further improve your branding.

Part 2: Best catering logo designs (Coming soon)

Now that we've discussed the don'ts, it only makes sense to discuss next the do's in designing a good catering or caterer's logo. Watch out because that will come next week. Until then!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Popular lyrics visualized: Stylized Visions on music quotes from

Project of the Week Thursday: Lyric and Song Quote Posters of

Note: Every Thursday, I will feature visual and visually-related projects that for me, kicks ass.

Be inspired by the vision of Music Philosophy on lyrics and song quotes.

The brains behind Music Philosophy is Mico, an advertising art director who fancies interpreting song quotes in between work or when there are no advertising jobs or clients. He used to accept lyrics and song quote suggestions, which he willingly made into a poster. With the project put permanently on hold, it seems that Mico has his hands full. So for now, we have to content ourselves with the 52 awesome poster designs that interpret the musical and lyrical geniuses and artists such as U2, Dave Matthews Band,  Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, The Strokes, Belle and Sebastian, John Lennon, The Beatles, Pearl Jam and more.

Here are samples of works from
Note: Works are copyright of the owner. Photos are from and are merely shown here for info sharing and your enjoyment/amusement. 

Photo credits: All posters made and owned by Mico of . Drop by his site! :)