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Article: Philip Stein TESLAR: Time heals

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Published: "Time Heals." The Philippine Star 12 December 2004: K5.
This is but one of the numerous press releases published on national dailies.

Philip Stein TESLAR
is the ingenious watch brand offers wearer outstanding levels of health and wellness with its marvelous TESLAR technology -- creating a protective bubble of earth's natural electromagnetic field that lets the wearer feel more relaxed, enjoy deeper, restful sleep and less stress on normally stressful situations.

Before humans harnessed electricity, our body's electromagnetic field was attuned to the earth's. However, today's multitude of electric devices altered our natural body field and this absence of balance, as backed up by several scientific studies, has made many of us susceptible to stress and diseases.

Wearers of Philip Stein TESLAR all over the world swear by the health benefits they have been enjoying with the valuable timepiece, and no less than Hollywood celebs have become loyal fans of Philip Stein TESLAR's natural frequency technology, including Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio, P. Diddy and Beyonce.

Learn more about Philip Stein TESLAR's Natural Frequency Technology here.

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