Thursday, September 1, 2011

Popular lyrics visualized: Stylized Visions on music quotes from

Project of the Week Thursday: Lyric and Song Quote Posters of

Note: Every Thursday, I will feature visual and visually-related projects that for me, kicks ass.

Be inspired by the vision of Music Philosophy on lyrics and song quotes.

The brains behind Music Philosophy is Mico, an advertising art director who fancies interpreting song quotes in between work or when there are no advertising jobs or clients. He used to accept lyrics and song quote suggestions, which he willingly made into a poster. With the project put permanently on hold, it seems that Mico has his hands full. So for now, we have to content ourselves with the 52 awesome poster designs that interpret the musical and lyrical geniuses and artists such as U2, Dave Matthews Band,  Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, The Strokes, Belle and Sebastian, John Lennon, The Beatles, Pearl Jam and more.

Here are samples of works from
Note: Works are copyright of the owner. Photos are from and are merely shown here for info sharing and your enjoyment/amusement. 

Photo credits: All posters made and owned by Mico of . Drop by his site! :)

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